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Just me reporting back in. I'm in FIT now. Yup yup. Single, sexy (at least in my head), horrifically over aged for a freshman (yay for 40 odd major credits NOT transferring over) and having a horrendous allergic reaction to city air. At least I have access to a scanner now, so I can get proper copies of my work up. Well, if they're small enough/on a medium that will scan.

Regardless of this, I still posted a few drawings that I took pictures of on my camera. I'll replace the non-scraps with scans when I can haul my lazy ass across the street and into the computer lab.

New Projects: Because of how ridiculously big a project the Marchen Intrigues (yes, this is what I finally settled on for a title) is, I'm putting that mostly on hold (still writing, but mostly notes on how to progress the story and not full segments).

I do have a different trilogy in mind now (definitely only a trilogy, and of relatively short novels from where I can see now) about reincarnations and avatars of Greek Gods. I already adore my characters in that. I don't think I'm heavily illustrating, too, which, while making it less interesting from the perspective that I'm an illustrator first, means that it should actually get done faster. Lauren (Centaura-Eblan) already enjoys the ridiculous relations chart of major characters. I'll put it up some time.

I'm also planning to do an illustration project this year of a lolita inspired version of Eros and Psyche, since I've been on such a big kick for that story lately. It'll be interesting to draw Aphrodite in "modest" frills. Not sure how I'm going about that just yet.
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So, as you may have noticed, I'm finally getting a whole bunch of my portfolio pieces up on here. I'm aiming to get some more of my lolita designs up, too, but I need working-scanner-access at the moment. I got my Wacom out again, too, since the touch screen on this laptop pretty much sucks, and I occasionally do stuff on the older tablet PC, so I'll be trying to get more recent stuff up too.

For now you'll have to settle for my portfolio stuff, though. That shouldn't be an issue though, because as critical as I am of my own work, they're pretty rockin' pieces. At least, FIT thought so.

They accepted me in , by the way.


Wait for it.


*yell of glee to rival Narutard fangirls squealing over NaruXSasu*

Yeah, I feel good.
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I've been entirely too absent from dA. I logged on for the first time in over a month and I have 33 deviant watches to check. Well, now I'm down to 19, but still...

I've been mostly busy in a constant cycle of school/not going to class but hiding this fact from the folks, work and running club with snippets of Myspace, booze and passing out in between. The good news is that in this time, I've gotten my laptop with the touchscreen feature and a new combo printer, so I can get more work done and posted. The tablet on this thing is kinda crap, though. I'm going to get Illustrator, though, and probably use this thing for that, once I get the hang of it.

I've been doodling a lot at work, so I'll be trying to get that up soon as scrap in the meantime. Lot's of the Hiding Woods (formerly Folklorique) and lolita stuff. Oh, and I'm currently addicted to Pinky:St, so I'll probably do a whole lot of stuff with them.
God, I love O'Reiley's. It is our bar. I can't sleep too well due to full of Miller Light and burger. It maketh me happy.

The 21st needs to get here sooner. I needs my new lappy. HP also needs to realize that it's really silly to sell a convertable notebook where you have to actually order the touchscreen hardware (you know, the tablet that it's supposed to convert into) as an "extra feature" for an extended price. It's a great computer, but their business about things baffles and tires me out.

I think I need to back track a bit. The new computer business has worn me out. Everything started off smoothly. The order went in, we got the software in two days after the order and were expecting the computer itself in 1.5-2 weeks. Then, 1.5 weeks later, my mom's tracking e-mail says that FedEx already sent the wrong house. Three days after finding out, we get the computer back and in one, undisturbed piece, only to find that I lacked a stylus. I called HP about this, and they told me that the stylus is only sent when you request the touchscreen feature. I ask, "What do you mean, request the touchscreen feature? It's a convertible tablet PC." "Oh, well I take it you assumed that when you ordered your notebook that it would come with the touch screen." "...Sorry, it wasn't clear that I was ordering a notebook with a semi-useless swivel screen and not tablet feature." So we had to send it back and they're in the process of making me a new computer. I expect it hear around the 21st.

I'm brainstorming again on Folklorique, which I think I'm going to change to being called Woods of Exile, or something like that. I'm blending Elizetta with Cinderella, Tattercoats and Cap-o-rushes, so that all three princesses are hiding/in exile, hence the name. I hate to admit it, but my borrowing of Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers from 4M and hours spent at the kiosk have got my wheels turning in that direction again, much to my glee. For the first time, I drew all four princesses (Blanca/Snow White, Rosemunda/Rose Red, Aurora and Elizetta) side by side while working. and I started brainstorming more on their love interests. I want to incorporate the bear prince from Snow White and Rose Red, but I also want for there to be the seven dwarves. I still haven't figured out how Queen Phoebe to "kill" Blanca, since I want to make the three classic life attempts all failures (for those who don't remember the non-Disney version, the Queen tries to kill Snow White by strangling her with her corset, poisoning her on a prick--usually a comb, but I'm going to change it to a spindle for plot purposes--and then the apple). It'll work itself out, as I'm probably hitting up Word when I get back from work again.

School is blah, but I need to finish and transfer. Finally.
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Note to self: staying in a hot tub for over four hours is a bad idea, no matter how awesome it feels at the time.

I'm probably going to get a lot of project and updating work done tomorrow, due to the fact I'm ditching class hard for lots of hot tea, orange juice and rice soup and chicken. Mmmm, rice soup.

Speaking of ditching, the old tablet compy will be going into the trash soonish, as I could use it as a hotplate. It appears that my computer was actually recalled earlier this year (or at least the battery), as it burst into flames on a few unsuspecting owners' laps. I shrugged and said I'll just ask for a new one if it really gets that hot that a pillow in between my lap and the computer or a cooling pad won't help. After five minutes of being on, that thing could heat an old, unmodernized castle room on a winter's night in the Alps. If it weren't summer still, I'd keep it and use it as a bed iron.

So, I have a new convertible notebook coming in the mail. I'll move all the new data on the old compy there when it arrives and treat it with so much love. More than what the old one got (namely by ensuring that my messenger bag doesn't have loose stitching). I've got a new Stardust (book) image coming up, and my boss actually commissioned me to do a painting of Buddha that I'm becoming rather proud of and is almost done. I also need to get up more of my watercolors and oil paintings up, as I've been rather busy in the past to semesters, but have had trouble getting the images up.

I'm still going to start working on Folklorique (I'm hating that name more and more, so if anyone can help me come up with a better name, please drop a suggestion) art and Romeo x Juliet stuff, since it's only gotten more awesome. Lucky Star stuff may happen as well, but aside from the above, more spiritual/religious icon pieces are higher on my priorities.
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So, I think I'm going to go back on my word and keep the Rei image for rainy days. She and the other characters I created for her universe are still close to my heart, but they just aren't characters I draw that often. I liked the last character design I had for them when I started college, and now that I'm finishing my joke of a third year, I've changed a lot as an artist, and I like to leave them as they were. They're very generic anime type characters, and I'm moving away from that in certain aspects.

Due to the major action pick up in my Dark Ages: Mage game, however, I'm going to probably start working with the characters in that game. This will help me more with facial expressions and action poses. There was a lot of fighting in the last game session involving both magi and werewolves, and as a result, a trial will be held for a friend and my own character. I'll probably do images of NPCs, player characters and other assorted scenes.

I also want to get some Folklorique pieces up, soon. I haven't drawn them in a while, either, which is bad. I'm still in character design, though, so things are still subject to change. Blanca's hair still irritates the crap out of me, and I might shorten it after my own hair cut and watching Romeo x Juliet. If you haven't seen Gonzo's RxJ, go watch it now. You can stream them on Crunchy Roll with decent quality.
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So, I'm mostly sure that I'm only dragging my ass through my classes at this point. I should have transfered out of Suffolk three semesters ago. Oh the things I do for love and not wanting to be on my own just yet (oh god, how has that last one changed). I need to finish statistics homework this week in addition to haul ass with my series for painting. I didn't even go last class because I've been mostly shitting around with Doug, basking in our complete denial of our situation. I need to work on that. I also have sewing I wanted to get done, and I really need to finish this bleeding book. It's more that two weeks over due now.

Finished those drawings I promised, though!
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I got it back, and it's working for the most part. I just can't seem to get the internet working. I'll have to see if anyone can help me with that.

I luckily did get to save a few WIP on to my external well before my laptop's last death. Nothing I was working on after the knickers series, though, so that part sucks. I finished the Harry piece that goes with the HP casual wear drawings I was doing. I want to redo the Ginny one, though, and it's awkward since my style has progressed since then.

I have gotten to work on two new pieces, though. Getting the laptop back has jumped my creativity, I think. One piece is already a quarter of the way done. When I get the internet on again, I'll post their progress. Also, since I got my problem solving skills working for me again, I'll rip the preview of the Stardust wallpaper I was working on from here and continue working on it.

All shall be good.
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Cer (11:13:04 PM): well, I feel like I'm ready to cry...
Cer (11:13:20 PM): the hard drive collapsed
Cer (11:19:20 PM): nothing of my work was saved
Doug (11:19:27 PM): wow
Doug (11:19:29 PM): that sucks
Doug (11:19:31 PM): a lot
Cer (11:19:34 PM): yeah
Cer (11:19:36 PM): the fic
Doug (11:19:36 PM): what work?
Cer (11:19:40 PM): the pictures
Doug (11:19:42 PM): ah
Cer (11:19:49 PM): the music I was writing
Cer (11:19:50 PM): gone
Doug (11:20:09 PM): permanently?
Cer (11:20:15 PM): yup
Cer (11:20:22 PM): I have to start from scratch
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Finally got to talk to my uncle and brought up the lappy. Should be taken to be fixed tomorrow while I'm at work. Hopefully, his friend has done this before for a laptop with success and the thing doesn't spontaneously combust (a fear brought up by one of the members of the Stony Brook Sci-fi Forum).

I think Otakon is out of the picture, once again. I might transfer to working at one of the Borders, and Otakon just happens to fall on the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I probably won't get off for that, and part of me would rather work the midnight release. It's sad, but I still don't see many guest I'd like to see, I'm not sure if certain persons I'd like to see will be attending this year, and I'd rather not room with a bunch of freshman that want my pants candy.

I'm thinking of working on another fairytale comic project along side Folklorique. Basically an unaltered compilation of one-shot fairy tales and scenes from children's stories. I'm probably going to ask others if they want in, artists and writers alike. The title "the New Mythology" is sounding pretty good in my head right now. I know I certainly want to cover "Furrypelts/Donkey Skin", "the Goose Girl", "the Children Who Played Butcher with one another", and "the Seven Swans" in the compilation, along with a couple better known tales. Anyone reading with interests should contact me.

I was in Fourth World comics yesterday with Doug. My fears towards  Folklorique surfaced and I went through every comic that looked like it focused on fairy stories. Luckily, not much really grabbed my eye other than Fables, and I've already resolved myself against those fears. The details are really developing nicely in my head, so I'm at a good spot with that project in mind.

It's a busy week coming up, but I should be able to wedge in time in the Mac lab to manage scanning and updating my work here. So, in conclusion...piggies are really comfortable house slippers. I'm very glad I bought them.
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So, the scanner crapped out on me again. I keep trying to reconnect it and get the computer to recognize it, but it's stubborn. I'm really hating these all-in-one least when my mother decides to set it up. I should probably just do everything at school We have tasty, tasty Macs there, too.

I really want to switch. I'm just too broke to do so. It's bad enough that I probably will have to be a new photoshop disk, amoung other programs. I need to update it and upgrade to an unlimited ed.

I also need to get that tablet pc fixed. I haven't yet because no one at the Stony Brook sci-fi forum can do it (or if they can, they're never around when I am). This leaves me with two options; fork over $90 to Best Buy/Geek Squad or hand it over to my uncle to bring it to a friend who can do this for me. The $90 is out, what with the other expenses and my hours being cut, so I have to get my uncle. Bad thing is, I hate him for one thing and avoid him as much as possible and he's also not around most of the time. I've barely seen him since Christmas. This is particularly odd, considering he only lives in the room bellow mine. I'll get him eventually though.

God willing, I'll then have enough time to finish the Stardust wallpaper before the movie comes out, which is the 27th of July. I also would like to finish my Harry Potter and the Jukebox of Events fanfic before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; six days before Stardust.

Good news though; I'm currently working on a comic. Seriously. I have an opening point and an end point, unlike when I started Merely Immortal, which I've kinda given up on in terms of writing, but still dote on like a tender, spoiled child. It's basically a meshing on fairy stories centering around a more prince-like Snow White. Not particularly original, and I'm hoping to God that people don't compare it thoroughly to DC Vertigo's Fables, but I'm still enjoying how it's being fleshed out in my head. The people I've talked to about the story are also enjoying it. I'm calling it Folklorique, and dividing it into three or four arcs: the Black Forrest (covering Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and the first three attempts of the wicked queen on Snow White's life), White as Days (Snow's exile in the Eastern Kingdom, covering a couple lesser known tales from the Book of 1001 Nights), A House of Small Men (duh), and possibly the Days of War and Roses. It's gonna be fun and probably in ink and watercolor.
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I really want to do a colaboration of fairy tale and bed time story illustrations. If anyone wants to parttake in this, leave a reply. I want to start with Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan.
*kicks the scanner* WORK FOR ONCE, YOU PEICE OF CRAP!...

Yeah, that's pretty much the only reason I haven't updated in like, a month. Trust me, I'm still working, improving, and I want to still participate on dA, but this thing *points the scanner printer* doesn't like to cooperate with me.

Hopefully, I'll get *something* up later.